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At 18:44 14/07/2004 -0700, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:

>At 4:31 PM +0100 7/13/04, Alex Tweedly wrote:
>>Do all the Transcript keywords operate at the same precedence ?
>You're right.
>For precedence rules, take a look at the Operator Precedence Reference.

Thanks Jeanne - but I'm afraid I still cannot find anything in the docs 
that directly addresses this question.

The precedence of keywords (or even that they behave like operators) is not 
mentioned in the Operator Precedence Reference - that was the first place I 

The reference page only mentions what I'd think of as traditional 
operators  - i.e. math symbols and the wordy-based ones like "is", "is 
among"", etc. (It does say that unary operators are high precedence - but 
it gives a list of them without mentioning any keywords).

[Which is probably correct, in a sense. The keyword pseudo-operators are 
"sources of values" and hence are evaluated before the compound expression 
is evaluated according to the precedence rules. But that's correctness at 
the expense of user-friendliness - not the best choice for documentation.]

>(I don't know where this went in "All Documentation by Category" - it 
>should be under Values & Properties and under Math/Logic/Dates - but if 
>you look at the See Also list in "About containers, variables, and sources 
>of value",
>or the See Also list for any of the operators in the dictionary, you'll 
>turn it up.)

I've read all of those sections - at most, they give a pointer to the 
Operator Precedence Ref page - which as I say doesn't mention keywords.

I think it's just supposed to be obvious  - and unfortunately coming from a 
tradition scripting and computer language background, I tend to think of 
keywords as being more like a variant of a "function call without 
parentheses" - which is the opposite in terms of precedence.

But I'm getting used to it .... it's only a matter of adjustment .....

Thanks again.
-- Alex.
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