Q: using combo boxes

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Jul 15 09:32:22 CDT 2004

Jim Lyons wrote:
> I am missing something really basic about using combo boxes. The docs 
> mention several places that a combo box is like a field: it gets the 
> openField message when the user clicks in the field part and the 
> closeField message if the user edits the field contents. Of course, it 
> gets a menuPick message if the user picks a value from the menu, and it 
> automatically enters the value into the field. I see how to handle the 
> menu pick, but not how to get or set the value showing in the field. The 
> contents of the control are the list of options in the menu -- getting 
> or putting into the control refers to the whole menu. How do I get/set 
> the contents of the field?

That's "the effective label" property.

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