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Tue Jul 13 21:09:28 CDT 2004

At 19:02 13/07/2004 -0600, Dar Scott wrote:

>I hear it is possible to put a shape at each corner of a polygon.  Now, if 
>those lines were transparent...

But you can .... (at least in theory - my coding in Transcript is still 
kind of slow and tentative, so I haven't got it tried and working yet) - my 
emphasis below ....

>The first line in the list is the location of the graphic's starting 
>point. A line is drawn from the starting point to the next vertex, which 
>is the next line in the list. If two successive lines are identical, a dot 
>is drawn at the specified point.
>A blank line in the points indicates that the previous and next vertexes 
>are not connected by a line--that is, the line, curve, or polygon is 
>broken into two (or more) pieces. If the last line of the points of a 
>polygon is blank, the polygon is not closed. A closed polygon's start 
>point (the first line of its points property) is the same as its end point 
>(the last line of its points property).

Now this might mean that it takes the two successive points that make a 
dot, and puts the same shape at both of them - so it may do twice the work 
it needs to.
But I'll try both this and the straightforward "multiple rectangles in a 
single polygon" and let you know which works better.

-- Alex.
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