strange clone behaviour: bug?

David Squance squance at
Tue Jul 13 14:31:25 CDT 2004

I've queried the list in the past, as well, and got nowhere on this.
There's definitely a bug, but it is not predictable or consistent.  I, too,
gave up using the clone function, and went to a sort of multiple blank
template approach.  I guessed how many cards would be the most I'd ever
want in the stacks, and marked the active ones.  Then, when I would
otherwise clone a card, I just mark one of the spares, enter the data and
proceed from there.  It's a bit more cumbersome, and causes some stack
bloat, but it's reliable (so far).

> Andreas - I'm afraid this won't be of much help, but about a year ago, I
>reported a problem with the clone function - we were executing it within a
>repeat loop and could guarantee an eventual crash, although it was
>completely unpredictable as to _when_ it would crash.  It felt like a
>memory disconnect of some sort, whether it was a lost pointer or something
>like that, I can't say.
>We finally abandandoned this use of the clone and instead went to using
>"copy to" functionality.
>I don't recall seeing a response to the clone problem, but it was
>pre-bugzilla (and I'd since lost interest in the problem).
>On Tuesday, July 13, 2004, at 04:31AM, andreas <andreas at> wrote:
>>I've read some articles in metacard lists about clone behaviour.
>>For myself I've now a strange error that I can't solve:
>> From a main stack A   I call a substack B which has the handler
>>"klonen".  The handler "klonen" in substack B has the simple script:
>>on Klonen
>>   put ZuKopieren & "_" & Schuelername into NeuerName
>>   go card ZuKopieren
>>clone card ZuKopieren
>>set the name of  it to NeuerName
>>end Klonen
>>On the line "clone card ZuKopieren" the script exits without an error
>>This script boiled down from a far more complicated script, which
>>showed the
>>same error.
>>This happens with the newest Rev built in MacOSX.
>>Because my project relies heavily on the clone function help is very
>>Andreas Stämpfli
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