Get from "unopened" stack

Troy Rollins troy at
Tue Jul 13 10:39:58 CDT 2004

On Jul 13, 2004, at 11:27 AM, Klaus Major wrote:

>> What else can be retrieved from an "unopened" stack?
> Anything you like :-)
> Hint:
> You can also SET anything on "unopened" stacks, but don't forget to 
> SAVE your
> unopened stack, or the changes are lost when you access that stack 
> again in
> your next session with RR/standalone!

Thanks Klaus!

I was in the middle of a bunch of testing, and figured someone might 
already have the answer.

A few follow-up points if I may...

How is accessing an unopened stack different than using "go invisible"?

Does cloning an unopened stack cause the screen flash, where the stack 
become visible temporarily as it does when you clone an invisible 

If I am accessing an unopened stack, and I then choose to display it, 
say as a sheet, it that cleaner to display than changing window modes 
from "invisible toplevel" to "visible sheet"?

Very cool. It's like getting new features unveiled every day. Too bad 
it wasn't yesterday, so they could be in my projects already.  ;-)
RPSystems, Ltd.

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