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Tue Jul 13 10:31:49 CDT 2004

About a week ago, I (Alex Tweedly) wrote:

>I've just finished a trial license for Revolution - and decided that it's 
>not the right tool for me at the moment. The number of things that worked 
>and were easy and "brought a smile to my face" just wasn't quite big 
>enough to match the number of things that made me gnash my teeth in 
>frustration. Some of those I described above - and really they're issues 
>with the IDE rather than the documentation itself. There were also a 
>number of unpleasant surprises and things that I just found too hard to do.

But I didn't take myself off the email list. And after the recent 
discussions about how to write "natural Transcript", rather than mimicing 
the features of other languages, I decided to give it another go. So don't 
be surprised if I start asking for lots of help, again.

In the same email, I had a bit of a rant about things that annoyed or 
confused me. I'd like to revisit one of them in particular.

Assuming "myFile" has a full, local path to a valid filem
   put URL "file:"&myFile after field "Field 1"
puts the path into the field, while
   put URL ("file:"&myFile) after field "Field 1"
puts the content of the file into the field.

I couldn't understand this before - but trying to describe it in this email 
has maybe made it clear.

URL is acting as a unary operator, at higher precedence than "&" - so the 
first statement is interpreted as
    URL "file:"   --> evaluates to empty
    & myFile    --> added to empty gives the file name

Am I right or am I still confused ?
Do all the Transcript keywords operate at the same precedence ?

-- Alex.
P.S. I'd still like to see a formal description of Transcript - BNF or similar.
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