XML bug, Revolution simply stops executing...

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Sun Jul 11 21:58:06 CDT 2004


thanks for your reply, I figured that a couple hours later! Also your 
tutorial is an amazing tool. Thanks to it I was able to implement 
XML-RPC Spec both client and server side.
I am coding XML-RPC right now, I leave tomorrow for the summit in 
monterey, I'll demo everything there!


On Jul 11, 2004, at 11:52 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

> BTW: if you want any more info, you might like to check out my XML 
> tutorial :-)
> http://www.troz.net/Rev/RevProjects/XMLdemo1.rev.gz
> Cheers,
> Sarah
Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004 ð BRAZIL

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