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I am a big advocate of Dar Scott Box Sequences. Box are containers, 
they can contain anything, even other boxes, so you can make nested 
boxes if you like. I use them in most my internal developments. My CS 
studies were done in Scheme, so I also am a big fan of lists and nested 
lists, using boxes for me is the sane way of doing many things. I hope 
someday we'll have nested associative arrays on Revolution, till that 
day, I'll use box.

You can fetch box primer from


On Jul 11, 2004, at 10:27 PM, Troy Rollins wrote:

> On Jul 11, 2004, at 7:12 PM, Dar Scott wrote:
>> Oh.  There is one very positive thing.  The best I can tell, you can 
>> put any string into an array element, including binary (arbitrary 
>> byte) values such as images.  (The best I can tell, only keys cannot 
>> take arbitrary binary data.)
> I wrote a MUCH longer reply to this thread, but as I was nearing the 
> end of it, I realized the bigger issue, so hopefully this message will 
> be somewhat shorter.  ;-)
> It occurs to me that coming from another language and authoring 
> environment, I am personally accustomed to storing my data in lists. 
> Large, complex, yet easily navigable nested lists. This nature of data 
> storage does not seem well-suited to Rev, no matter how well mimicked 
> some (like Mark) have managed to make it. It is not as easily created, 
> worked with, or maintained. There are no native tools for viewing the 
> data, and a very limited command set for manipulating the data. I'm 
> wondering if I'm swimming upstream rather than with the current, and 
> letting the tools do some of the work for me.
> I'm wondering, is there a distinct lack of powerful multi-dimensional 
> arrays because in general, they aren't needed as "that just isn't the 
> way its done in Rev."
> So the question is broader, and it may take yet more unlearning on my 
> part.
> What is the recommended way, in Rev, to store large amounts of session 
> temporary, relational data which includes both text and non-text 
> (binary) information? In terms of speed of access, ease of access, 
> ease of maintenance, etc.
> In my previous world, it was nested lists... and here in RevLand?
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