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Sun Jul 11 16:44:05 CDT 2004

Ok, I have a kiosk app.
the user puts in all line items.
item1    x.xx
item2    x.xx
and so on
now when the user clicks on "ok" it creates a new record in the sales_db
put the time into tTime
revdb_execute(dbid,"INSERT INTO sales_db time VALUES"& tTime&"')"
then the sales_db field sales_pk automatically generates the next  
unique serial number.
then I need to do

put revQueryDatabase( myDbid,"SELECT sales_pk FROM sales_db") into tCs  
--so I have all sales_pk's then I go to the last record to identify the 
one I just created and I put it into a var
put revFldByName(tCs,"sales_pk) into tPk-- so now I got the pk created 
last , so
set the itemDelimiter to tab

loop for each line in fld line items
   put item 2 of fld line items into tPrice-- and the same for items
   put revdb_execute(dbid,"INSERT INTO line_items 
(sales_fk,(item_description,price) VALUES ('"&tPk&"'"&,"item1,x.xx)
end repeat
Now if after I created the insert, the next register (or client ) did 
the same between my insert and select, I'll get the next last pk. and 
not the one I created.
I know there is a way to get the last record created by a certain 
connection. something like record set from the insert just don't how to 
get it

On Sunday, July 11, 2004, at 04:58 PM, Paul Kocsis wrote:

> What does your sql INSERT statement actually look like?  I guess I'm 
> not
> fully understanding the dilemma...I remember "way back" when using 
> Informix,
> there was a software system where it was important to obtain an 
> Informix
> "internally generated" column called 'rowid'.  (before Informix 
> recommended
> that one *not* utilize 'rowid'....or before I actually read that
> recommendation ;)
> ...anyway, I seem to recall some dilemma in wanting to know the rowid 
> of a
> newly inserted record....so in that case, and maybe in yours, Andre's
> suggestion of SELECTing for all the columns that you inserted is 
> certainly
> an avenue...provided that the collection of data from that record, as 
> a set,
> is guaranteed to be unique...if the collection of data columns is not
> guaranteed to be unique...then you might have to add another column 
> that is
> either guaranteed to be unique itself, or at least make the collection 
> of
> all the inserted fields unique...for your subsequent SELECT...
> ...are we getting anywhere?
> Paul Kocsis
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> On Sunday, July 11, 2004, at 04:07 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:
>> Hershel,
>> since you're doing the INSERTS you have access to the inserted data,
>> can't your refine your SELECT query so that you SELECT WHERE and put
>> all the inserted data as refinements, this way you'll retrieve the
>> correct record. Thats what I use here.
> I don't think this will work in my case because basically what I'm
> inserting is just any piece of info e.g. the time  to create a new
> record (in an e.g.sales table ). The db auto creates a pk , then I need
> to take this pk from the sales table and insert it for a fk in a
> line_items table to have all line items (every transaction related to
> its sale number ) and then I take out the fk from the line_items
> (SELECT") and go back to the sales_db add the sales amount to the db
> with an "ALTER db SET sale_amount ='xx.xx' WHERE pk_auto = 'thepk'
> Sales_db , pk_auto, sale_amount,date,time
> Line_items_db, item_name,item_price,sales_fk
> Thanks , Hershel
>> Cheers
>> andre
>> On Jul 11, 2004, at 4:48 PM, hershbp at verizon.net wrote:
>>> HI ,
>>> How do I "INSERT" A SQL statement and return some of  the record or
>>> field info  immediately ?
>>> I'll try to elaborate. A database app. running many clients, I create
>>> a new record and want to get the primary key of that newly created
>>> record. If I'll do an "INSERT" and then go the last record via
>>> "SELECT" then between the INSERT and the SELECT somebody else from a
>>> different location can insert a new record then when I do the select
>>> to get the last as mentioned above I'll get the wrong pk. How do I
>>> overcome that ?
>>> Thanks , Hershel.
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