Best format for screen shots?

Bob Hartley bob at
Sun Jul 11 09:07:37 CDT 2004

At 13:58 11/07/2004, you wrote:

Hi Paul.

>I am writing the operating manual for our first Revolution-based product and
>I could use some knowledgeable advice regarding screen shots.

OK I'll try my best

>In the past I saved screenshots as PICT files and copied them into Word. I
>printed the Word doc to QuickDraw and Postscript printers.
>This time I will also be making PDFs for cross-platform distribution. Since
>PICT is a Mac-only format, would EPS (or some other format) be better?

Ahh I was under the impression that the image was converted on creating the 
pdf. However, I normally use tiff for high quality images or a simple 95% 
jpeg for manuals.

If you want to test you could send me a snippet and I'll look at it on my PC.

Send it to r.hartley at I have a 100Mb line so size is not a 


>Thanks in advance.
>Paul Looney
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