Bringing some Game Sounds into Rev

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Sat Jul 10 19:20:31 CDT 2004

Hi Kurt,

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> Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 09:31:04 -0400
> From: Kurt Kaufman <kkaufman at>
> Subject: Re: Bringing some Game Sounds into Rev

> Then again, to do a
> lot of live MIDI data entry, a true external MIDI keyboard is probably
> best.
I've been building an onscreen MIDI keyboard in SuperCard, mainly as 
adaptiveWare. It uses one of Nigel Redmon's (HyperMIDI for those who 
remember) externals called QuickNotes, which works out of the data 
fork, and isn't useable with Rev AFAIK. With the mouse held down, you 
can drag it over the keys in my model, and they hilite and play in 
realtime exactly as if you were playing a real keyboard.

It would be very useful to me if we could do that in Rev, but I just 
don't think it's possible, is it?

Ken N.

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