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David Squance squance at
Sat Jul 10 16:41:32 CDT 2004

Again, thanks for the replies, Dan and Andrew.
I get no results.  That is nothing from the text file.  I got a long series of
YesYesYes the field.  I'll try Andrew's suggeston:

open file tfilename for text read


>OK, do you get an error message when you try to read from the CD or do
>you get erroneous read results or no results at all or what?
>On Jul 10, 2004, at 1:09 PM, David Squance wrote:
>> Dan,
>> Thanks for the reply.  I'm only attempting to read from a file, not
>> write
>> to it, but is there a reason that doesn't work when the file is on a
>> CD?
>> This is part of the script I'm using:
>>   set the itemDelimiter to "/"
>>   repeat
>>     answer file "Choose the team name:"
>>     if the result is "cancel" then exit mouseup
>>     put it into tfilename
>>     put the last item of it into teamname
>>   -- 'teamname' holds the file's name with no extension that's
>> obvious
>>    ,,,
>>     some stuff to determine the destination fld
>>    ,,,
>>     open file tfilename
>>     repeat for 200
>>       read from file tfilename until return
>>   etc.
>> It *is* working from the standalone, but not when all of it is on a CD.
>> I checked over the entry in the docs you mentioned, but there were no
>> obvious hints when 'answer file' is used--it's just referred to as a
>> way
>> of finding the correct file path.  I wouldn't normally run it from a
>> CD,
>> but I don't want to install it on the Windows computer I'm using for
>> testing, and if it won't work at home on my Mac, it won't likely work
>> on
>> a PC.
>> Dave
>>> I'm not 100% sure what might be going on here. It's not clear what you
>>> mean when you say it doesn't work in a standalone.
>>> Two possible leads to follow based on my experience.
>>> First, if you're opening the files for reading and writing and they
>>> reside on a CD (locked media), there may be some strange interaction
>>> going on there.
>>> Second, file pathing is crucial and not always straightforward (at
>>> least I haven't found it to be so). Particularly when you bundle as a
>>> standalone and the text files are included in the bundle file pathing
>>> is not what you expect it to be from your IDE experience. There are
>>> some notes on this in the docs under "Why can't Revolution find a file
>>> I specified?" Note particularly the defaultFolder stuff.
>>> HTH
>>> Dan
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