Documentation: best source?

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Sat Jul 10 10:35:40 CDT 2004

set the hilite of btn "checkbox" to true
does the trick for a check box button

for option buttons,
you create your option buttons,
group them,
set the radiobehavior of the group to true
(the revproperty palette sometimes changes the names of these properties for
the sake of clarity)
also look at "hilitedbutton" in the revdocs...

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> I am having difficulty finding what I want in the documentation. I have a
> hard copy of Dan Shafer's book, but that is not comprehensive enough
> without the future volumes. I find with the help menu I go round and round
> in circles. I can see lots of tips but I can't get to what I want.
> For example I am creating an options button and I need to know how to get
> the item selected. Where is the best place to look for that?
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