ANN: WinN2O is now even more powerfull!

MisterX b.xavier at
Sat Jul 10 10:15:26 CDT 2004

You can't stop progress and you cant stop me from updating these nitrous

I noticed that I was missing some features in WinN2O:
To change the window mode of your stacks on the fly... I wasn't happy with
the auto sizer feature and added a couple revised scripts were needed. Last
but not least, you can also filter modeless stacks too now!

I think many of you dont think this stack is of any value but if you put it
on top of your property palette, you will see that you dont have to go drag
the windows menu anymore and you dont have to type stack commands anymore!

I just can't work without it anymore!

One nice but elusive feature is the contextual menu which doesn't seem to
work reliably. Some times it pops up, sometimes it doesn't and so on... I'd
appreciate any help in these cases: popups dont work in palette mode (which
is why there an option for palletizing WinN2O), the menu shortcuts are not
showing reliably 100% (dont know why!) and when the menu pops up it may not
do it again later... Symptoms or possible fixes welcome if not, it will be
yet another bgzl...

To foster feedback which has really been lame lately, I've locked the
scripts, have not implemented the Arrange menu fully, no language choices,
made it freeware, added nice GUI options, but no support or fixes until
there's some feedback. Doing the opposite didn't work so you'll have to deal
with that to use it or motivate me to do so - and so, feedbackware is born.
All I know is that Im working 2X faster in RR with the PropsN2O, ActionN2O*
and WinN2O stacks ;)

* ActionN2O will not be released until im happy (this cool editable little
palette executes transcript, Applescript and shell commands with one click
saving lots and lots of time off the message box typing and command line
searching!) and that's only one in 4 other tools that make RR so much more

Having a great weekend, and much more time to myself!

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> Hi everyone,
> Following the success of the PropsN2O plugin and the need for a
> better faster stack access palette, here is the next Nitrous Oxide
> boost for your RunRev: WinN2O - the window manager plugin.
> Download, screenshot and features at
> Comments and feature request are welcome as usual!
> Next in the N2O series (not necessarily in that order):
> FullPropN2O - manage ALL the props anywhere
> StackN2O - manage stacks, substacks, groups, cards in any stack
> BrowseN2O - smarter File browsing
> MediaN2O - manage your stack's media
> LanguageN2O - make your stacks multilingual
> And yes, there is a mean and lean ScriptN2O in the works...
> So dont waste more time developping, have some Nitro!
> cheers
> Xavier
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