Bringing some Game Sounds into Rev

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Sat Jul 10 08:31:04 CDT 2004

>> If you know the piano keyboard you might also use the sample stack
>> "MIDIBuilder" (included with the Revolution distribution) to generate
>> MIDI files which you could reference in a Player object.

JLG wrote:
> I just looked at this again -- it is really very nice, and has come a
> ways since the early version I last saw.
> I'd like to type notes with my left hand and durations with my right
> (from the keypad). Then I could type the whole midi sequence. I guess
> there would have to be some kind of octave toggle though.

Yes; I have used applications which map musical notes to the computer 
keyboard (such as iPiano).  But I felt that the need to invoke keyboard 
shortcuts to switch octaves is cumbersome.  I guess with enough 
Maybe I'm just lazy; I already know the piano keyboard so it is 
comfortable for me to click back and forth with the mouse to enter 
notes and set the (less frequently changed) durations with my left 
hand.  This would not work well for "live" recording (as with iPiano), 
but is fine for step-entry (as with MIDI Builder).  Then again, to do a 
lot of live MIDI data entry, a true external MIDI keyboard is probably 


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