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Ryno Swart swartart at
Sat Jul 10 05:55:07 CDT 2004

> One of the absolutely 'best documented' products for newbies is 
> SketchUp.
> It's a 3D application.

Oh man!

Only last night I wrote this message to a friend, "What I need is a 3D 
program where I can draw the wire frames. I want to bend those wires by 

And this morning I learn from Chipp about SketchUp. Thanks Chipp!

> And IMO what makes it so absolutely great are the video tutorials 
> found at:
> You can't watch but a few of these and you are compelled to buy the
> product (at least I did!).

Then Chipp, you mention your vote for the greatest ever multimedia, a 
video introduction to coding in Visual Basic. Do you think this can be 
seen online anywhere?

Ryno. ...a work in progress...

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