sponateneous purging of a backscript?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jul 9 14:37:45 CDT 2004

Cubist at aol.com wrote:
> sez ambassador at fourthworld.com
>>Can you think of anything else that might be causing the backscript to
>>be removed out from under only a very few users yet work fine for 
>>everyone else?
>    Isn't there an upper limit on how many backscripts can exist at any one 
> time? 

Only when not running in development mode (the IDE), such as in a 
standalone or a player.

In non-dev mode the scriptLimits are:

- 10 frontscripts
- 10 backscripts
- 50 libraries
- 10 executable lines of Transcript in any edited object

But with a licensed Home stack (as one would have to run the IDE, either 
with a commercial license or a demo license) there the scriptLimits do 
not apply.

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