Shell $PATH problems

Dar Scott dsc at
Fri Jul 9 14:11:55 CDT 2004

On Jul 9, 2004, at 12:04 PM, Kaveh Bazargan wrote:

> It's bash, which I think is default for Panther, but the path is not 
> the
> same as Terminal. Here's the response to  put shell("echo $SHELL; echo
> $PATH"):
> /bin/bash
> /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/Users/kaveh

Sorry.  It was right in front of me.

(It does look like we found a bug not directly related to your problem. 
  My shellCommand property is "/bin/sh", but bash is run in my shell(), 

I'm naive in Unix.

 From my Terminal I get this:
echo $PATH

 From shell() on Rev 2.2 I get this:

I'd look in /etc/bashrc and in .profile, too.  There might be other 
files.  I don't get the long $PATH in Terminal.  Maybe some installers 
put them in .profile or other file.

Dar Scott

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