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Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Fri Jul 9 02:39:18 CDT 2004

At 2:02 AM -0400 7/9/2004, Elizabeth Dalton wrote:
>Another tutorial I think would be helpful (though I don't know how 
>many people would use it) would be one on handling Unicode and other 
>multibyte formats. Areas would include entering Unicode/multi-byte 
>text into fields, copying values between fields and other controls, 
>setting labels to Unicode/multi-byte text values, and reading and 
>writing to files with Unicode content.
>The existing documentation entries are not very helpful -- they give 
>the commands, but don't explain which ones you would want to use and 
>why. Searching this list

I guess I'm not sure what additional information you're looking for. 
The documentation entries regarding Unicode are short and don't 
explain the Unicode philosophy, but I'm not sure that's called for at 
this level.

For example, "How to enter or display Unicode text in a field" just 
explains how to do it manually or in a script - not why you would 
want to use double-byte text in the first place. Similarly, "How to 
import a Unicode text file" doesn't talk about, for instance, why an 
app might store data as Unicode. But I don't know how reasonable that 
kind of in-depth information is for a product that after all is not 
primarily a Unicode tool.
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