CNC software by Rev

Mark MacKenzie m.mackenzie at
Thu Jul 8 16:41:10 CDT 2004

Great!!  I suspected as much.  I expect I will have the same problems.  
However, I need to make this work and will put a fair bit of effort into 
it.  As a "jackleg" tool and die machinist in an other life I might 
manage to triumph over the vagaries of inanimate objects such as CNC 
drills taking on a life of their own.  Or maybe this will be the 
beginning of a bad science fiction novel gone real!

Can't wait to see your work.  Thank you in advance.

Mark MacKenzie

Mark Wieder wrote:

>I started on a CNC controller some time last year. I'll dig out what
>I've got and send it to you. The hard part isn't figuring out the CNC
>protocol (the "G" commands and such) but getting the controller part
>right so you don't snap off drill bits or have things flying across
>the room.

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