anyone here implemented common CS data structures... (stack, queue...)

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Jul 8 14:23:37 CDT 2004

On Jul 8, 2004, at 7:33 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Yes, the only way I could implement queues and stacks was using box 
> lib, I wanted to see if someone managed to implement them without 
> it... I think I'll release this code next week, some new data 
> structures are always a good thing to have.

One alternative is a sequence of lines.  This limits the data.  You 
can't queue multiline text without some modification.  Also, numbers go 
through numberFormat and some info may be lost.  You can't queue arrays 
this way.

Arrays handle multiline data and numbers, but (currently) not arrays.

(BTW, there is good news for boxes.  An upcoming version of Revolution 
with have some optimization for replacing substrings with 'put'.)

Dar Scott

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