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Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Jul 7 20:48:54 CDT 2004

Hi Alejandro,

Y'know, in my mind, I think 'the interface *IS* the program. In fact, 
top-down programming for me always begins first with a blueprint 
outlining the interface. I don't concern myself with the algorithms or 
architecture until the interface is laid out properly.

An example of such a blueprint can be found at:

Typically these blueprints are plotted out large scale and tweaked for a 
couple of versions, then interfaces built directly from them. Only after 
the interfaces are complete does the real 'coding' start.

I find this approach to work best for matching customer/client 
expectation with application. It's a bit 'Xtreme' ;-)



Alejandro Tejada wrote:

> I perceive programming like problem-solving
> within a well defined environment...
> I suspect that something that will produce 
> unlimited confusion to newbies is to believe 
> that their program is bounded to the interface.
> or worse yet: that the program IS the interface.
> In traditional programming enviroments you learn
> to create good code first and later you start working
> in the interface. Here, (RR/MC) this division does not
> applies.
> For this reason, i mention here again:
> RR/MC needs a dedicated place to showcase
> the creation of interfaces with this development
> tool. The names of Scott Rossi and Chipp Walters
> pop-ups in my head when i think in interfaces
> in this platform.

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