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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 7 16:09:37 CDT 2004

Mark Wieder wrote:
> RG> Just the same, if I can help people have a gentler learning experience
> RG> I'm happy to help.  When learning a new tool, most programmers I know
> RG> ask one question first:  "Where's the list?"
> I know this pops up every so often around here and I hate to chime in
> with a "me, too", but this list is an absolutely invaluable resource.
> My thanks to all the seasoned programmers who lend the voice of
> experience, the whiners who manage to get things pushed forward, and
> the newbies who ask the dumb questions I wish I'd asked. I'd *really*
> be floundering without this list.

Me too. ;)

Before Kevin became distracted with little things like running the 
company <g>, he was among the most regular contributors to the MC list 
where all this began.  Without his excellent post on arrays (not all 
that different from the one I just posted) I might still be floundering 
(if you think Rev's docs are subpar you should have seen the Read Me 
that comprised most of what we had to work with to learn new features in 

A lot of folks I know post here on a sort of "pay it forward" principle: 
   we've gotten a lot of help from others in the past, and feel obliged 
to return that favor to others.  A lot of the programming community is 
like that.  I honestly believe that NNTP predating HTTP reflects the 
values and focus of the tech community.

Kevin's ability to explain things well has helped me often, and it's one 
of the reasons I have confidence in RunRev's ability to be responsive to 
good requests for enhancement to the docs.

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