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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 7 14:18:12 CDT 2004

Mark Wieder wrote:

 > Richard-
 > Wednesday, July 7, 2004, 8:23:43 AM, you wrote:
 > RG> A majority of the items reported here as MIA can be found with the
 > RG> Search Documentation tool using common terminology to describe
 > RG> them. Note that I didn't say "all", but cutting the number of
 > RG> unanswered questions by more than half in one move isn't bad.
 > Another good example is the use of arrays in rev. This is a topic
 > which is quite confusing and looking in the documentation for the word
 > "array" comes up with nothing.

How did you look for that?

 > Running the search tool comes up with
 > more, but there's no apparent link from the dictionary to the search
 > tool, and no indication that the search tool might come up with more
 > information.

Except to try it.

In the Search Documentation tool there are 69 hits for "array", and 19 
for "arrays".

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