run Rev app on two networked computers?

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Wed Jul 7 10:27:53 CDT 2004

On Jul 7, 2004, at 10:13 AM, Rob Cozens wrote:

> Hi Andre,
> My focus is still on LAN-based databases; so I have not checked this 
> out.
> Where can I find more info on the revHTTP project?


It's a project of mine, it was based on but now it bears 
almost no code with it. There's a page on the first version at but that is obsolete 
and servers more for historical purposes. I'll leave my home server 
running so that you can check the bleeding edge, the new webserver is 
smaller and full of features. You can check it running by pointing your 
browser to:

it's running inside Rev IDE you can check the screenshots. In the about 
link you can see all info about it, and also there are some demo stacks 
you can see running. Thats my new version so there are some issues, the 
new templating engine fails on two stacks (the inform and the 
listStacks) but that will be solved today. Also do not fiddle too much 
with the XML-RPC stack for it's not working yet, and sending invalid 
data to it is crashing revolution!

Check the feedback demo, the quotes of the day demo and the 
screenshots. Read the about and see how this code can help your apps. 
The new version will be released at the summit.

all the code is inside two buttons:

revHTTPd button - is the core webserver with no bells and whistles. 
just a server, it can serve files from HD (if you allow) and server 
running stacks (dynamic pages). It loads as backscript.

Inform3 button - is the templating and utils button, it has some very 
advanced and cool template functions, it can do automatic data 
transportation from web forms to card fields, yes automatic, it will 
match names. Like you have a web form with a input called "name" that 
will match a text field "name" on your stack. Nice! and can convert 
simple cards (field based) into webforms.

but seeing is beliving! so just revGoUrl ""


PS: hope this new server handles fine!

Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004
Soap Dog Studios - BRAZIL

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