ANN: Export Vector to Adobe Illustrator

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Tue Jul 6 22:16:47 CDT 2004

on Tue Jul 6 2004 
Jim Hurley wrote:

>A better solution is:
>case "line"
>set the style of control i to "curve"

>As Richard noted, there is a problem with horizontal 
>or vertical 
>lines. There is no such problem with the "Freehand 
>curve" style.

I'm glad that you could make this handler
works for you. :-))

>Another point. I noticed that if I gave a graphic a 
>name, it was 
>ignored in the conversion to Illustrator. The fix I 
>tried was to 
>change the line:
>if the short name of control i contains "graphic" to:
>If the name of control i contains "graphic"

Now that you mentioned this, i remember that 
ScreenArt v2 does not gives a name to every graphic
it creates, so i was not aware about this limitation.
Thanks a lot for really testing this handler! :-))

>Also,there is one polygon graphic with an extravagant

>fill. The fill doesn't translate to Illustrator. I 
>didn't really expect it to, but is suppose to?

no, it must not translate. This fill is a
background pattern, a tiling bitmap inside the region
of the graphic. I do not think that Adobe ilustrator
v7 could support tiling bitmap fills. Flash format
does supports this kind of fills. I'm not sure if
pdf supports bitmap fills.

By the way, 
Does this entusiasm enough the developers 
of this list to collaborate in the creation
of a pdf export handler?

Thanks a lot for your interest, Jim :-))


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