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Judy Perry jperryl at
Tue Jul 6 13:36:41 CDT 2004

Yes, Alan,

I've liked your site!  Somehow, though, it keeps falling out of my
swiss-cheese brain and I need a reminder that it's there!


On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Alan Golub wrote:

> One year ago this past weekend, revJournal got off to a great start. To
> date, we have 189 registered members, and have had over 32,000 visits
> to the site. Now, these aren't stellar numbers, and most of the fault
> for that lies in the fact that we've been unable to keep the site fresh
> with regular content. There are only so many hours in each day, and
> voluntary efforts like revJournal always take a back seat to the stuff
> that pays the bills. Still, based on the feedback we received about the
> existing content, many "newbies" found the material useful. And RunRev
> very much wants the site to continue, and to improve.
> So, with encouragement from RunRev, I've renewed the domain name and
> the hosting service for revJournal for another year. For at least the
> next twelve months, then, the material will remain available. But the
> project still runs the risk of petering out due to lack of fresh
> content.
> So, in the spirit of my original intent behind revJournal, as well as
> your thoughtful comments, I hope to revisit my original revSchool
> articles in the near future. By year's end, I hope to finish the
> work-in-progress that I began to explore in the first series of
> articles.
> As always, I invite contributions from the Rev community -- if you have
> an idea for something you want to write that you think will be useful
> to other users, please get in touch. I'm happy to consider material
> covering just about any rev-related topic, of just about any length.
> On a personal note, I want to thank Dan for his book, which I think is
> just terrific. Aside from Rev's own documentation, which I use every
> time I fire up the program, Dan's book is the second source I turn to
> when I have a question (and the ONLY source I turn to when I'm not
> sitting in front of my computer).
> I also want to thank the revJournal contributors: Sarah, Richard, Dan,
> and Bjornke. These folks have generously provided so much useful
> content, and the site wouldn't exist without them. Thanks to all, and I
> hope I can count on your continued contributions.
> That's it for now -- keep on revvin' folks!

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