answer dialog target of shutdownrequest

Trevor DeVore lists at
Tue Jul 6 11:35:33 CDT 2004

I have run into a problem where the answer dialog is becoming the 
target of the shutdownrequest message and thus the mainstack in my 
program is not receiving the message.  I have confirmed this by using

answer owner of target()

in the shutdownrequest message of a library stack so I could see who 
was receiving the shutdownrequest message.

When I use my app without displaying an answer dialog box my mainstack 
receives the shutdownrequest message once and the library stack 
receives the shutdown request once.  The library stack displays -

stack "MyMainStack"

in the answer dialog box.  When I use my app with displaying an answer 
dialog box then the mainstack never receives the shutdownrequest 
message.  The library stack receives the message twice and displays -

stack "answer dialog"

both times.  I am testing this on OS X with 2.2.1.  It only happens 
when I choose Quit from the Application menu.  If I click on the red x 
in the stack window then everything works as it should.  I tried adding 

go stack "MyMainStack"

after the answer dialog but it doesn't seem to help.  Anybody seen this 
before and know of a workaround (besides using my own stacks rather 
than the answer dialog) or should I bugzilla this and just code around 
it for now?

Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
trevor at

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