ANN: Export Vector to Adobe Ilustrator

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Jul 5 17:20:39 CDT 2004

on Mon Jul 5 2004
Jim Hurley wrote:
> Dear Al,

> This is a great service to the Run Rev community. 
> Thank you so much. 

You are welcome!

> This was the one thing that I missed from SuperCard.

> I had no idea this was possible without additional 
> changes in the engine.

As you noticed, the Adobe ilustrator file format
is ascii text. Adobe has documented his 7.0 format
in a PDF file of 160 pages that you could download 
from this website or the Adobe developers site:



> One point. I noticed that you do not include 
> the "Line" type graphic. 
> Was there a reason for that? Would it work the same 
> for line as polygon?

In MetaCard, i don't see a graphic of type line.

Maybe it's the same polygonal graphic as the
graphic of type curve...
If that it's the case the you had to add the 
following lines after the case for the "curve"
graphic type:

case "line"
set the style of control i to "polygon"

Notice: Do not put a break statement here, because
after this control is converted to "polygon",
it's must be processed by the case "polygon" code...

> I don't have Illustrator, but I do use FreeHand 
> a great deal. I found that the graphics on you 
> stack are all inverted (about the 0 degree 
> axis) in FreeHand. Easy to invert them within 
> FreeHand.

Yes, that's right, the graphics are inverted. 
I left the addition of the flip code when the
code to export images were ready. 


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