More altBrowser Examples

Bob Warren warren at
Sun Jul 4 02:50:17 CDT 2004

< Bob,

< thanks for the examples, now, I am just to eager to try altBrowser on
< both windows and mac... I think it will just solve all my problems!!!!

< Cheers
< Andre

Well, if we had MAC and (most of all from my point of view) LINUX versions,
it would help solve many of my problems too. So how about it Chipp, Tuviah
and Chris? When will we be able to expect these versions?

< PS: have you used it on some app? can you show us shots of it? I'd love
< to see how people are employing altBrowser.

Unfortunately, not beyond the examples shown in my short article, 'cos I
only got it a couple of days ago!
How ARE other people employing the altBrowser? Possibly, not much, since I
have the impression (wrong?) that many people did not realise its potential.
That's why I have tried to indicate the way forward. Also, to be fair, the
plugins used by the Internet Explorer (for SVG, Rebol, etc.) have not been
around for that long, although we must admit that Flash and JavaScript have
been around for half a yonk.

< Wow. It looks pretty nice to me too, but I hadn't quite expected THAT
< much from it.  ;-)
< --
< Troy

I am doing nothing more than showing what can be achieved in the Internet
Explorer. It's just that now, you can introduce all of this into a stack via
the altBrowser which somehow taps into the IE mechanism. But don't get too
carried away. If you look at the Batik design which I borrowed for my
article, it looks quite simple, but the SVG script to produce it is not
simple at all. I don't think I would have the patience to work with very
complicated scripts. On the other hand, you see how easy it is to produce
drawings using straight lines, circles, ovals, rectangles, etc. without
those horrible jagged lines we have had to put up with for so many years.

The last example in my article shows a Rebol program (script) running via a
plugin in the Internet Explorer/altBrowser. It's a slideshow with 100 raster
images. If you want to see how this works in the Internet Explorer using a
PC (and also in an altBrowser stack once you acquire it), and you have
wideband, simply navigate to for a demo. Rebol
will install its plugin automatically (2 seconds), and then the pictures
will be downloaded (takes about 4 mins with WIDEBAND). Then, you can see the
slideshow in the browser. If you want to remove the photos from the cache
afterwards, you will find them in Documents and Settings in Windows XP, or
in Windows/Temp in Windows 98/ME.

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