Alternate to videoGrabber?

Troy Rollins troy at
Thu Jul 1 12:38:20 CDT 2004

It is looking as though I need to find an alternate to the videoGrabber 
external for Windows.

I've logged bug #1767, regarding the fact that the Windows version of 
that external relies on outdated technology and in fact, virtually does 
not work. While it may be possible to get it to work locally, with very 
specific hardware, and third-party drivers ($$), the basic 
functionality is not portable to a software package that we (as 
developers) could sell. At best, even on OSX, it is quite crude 
(unbuffered) and acts more like a beta or experimental feature.

In the meantime, my software is finished on OSX, but will not run on 
Windows XP... which is rather contrary to Revolution's marketing. 
revVideoGrabber is in the docs, and lists as being compatible on 
Windows, but it really isn't. I'm looking for some alternative. Is 
there a different external somewhere which will actually allow video 
preview and still-frame capture from USB or Firewire, on Windows, and 
supporting recent hardware and software? (he said, well-knowing the 

If video input functionality on Windows means anything to you, or you 
think it might in the future, I encourage you to review, comment, or 
vote on bugzilla #1767. And if there does happen to be an alternative, 
I'd love to hear it.
RPSystems, Ltd.

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