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Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Jul 1 11:19:28 CDT 2004

Hi Richard,

> ...
> Since the "import snapshot" command grabs from the screen buffer, it
> doesn't have the smarts to be able to grab a composite without the
> topmost window layer.  One can get it by hiding the window for a brief
> moment to grab it, but the flash is disturbing and doesn't satisfy the
> goal of creating a seamlessly smooth transition effect.
> In short, if someone cares to write an external that hooks into Quartz
> to grab a composite of all but the topmost window layer the rest should
> be a snap.  But I'm not sure of the compositing engines on other
> platforms are sophisticated enough to write such a thing for other 
> OSes,
> so it would, like Dashboard itself, be limited to OS X only.

Please don't forget the wonderful "Window External" of Trevor!
At least it supplies continuously adjustable transparency of 

It works like a charm, at least on OS X ;-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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