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Keith Hutchison keith.hutchison at
Mon Aug 30 05:03:17 EDT 2004

Hi Xavier

> The shell is supported.
> just try
> shell("Dir c:\")
Good ;-)

> is it interactive? No. You can't have a result until the shell is
> finished (XP, NT or W98 alike). Can it be fooled? Yes...
> get shell("start dir c:\ /s > mylisting.txt")
> then you can read the mylisting.txt file as it comes
> if the file is not locked by the system (but it works
> in this case).
Same hassle as with REALbasic. shell _should_ be interactive.
Especially if you want to use ssh (putty etc on win32) to log into another
server to do some admin. I was hoping runtime revolution was more advanced
with the win32 shell than RealBasic.


Keith Hutchison

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