Documentation in 2.5 - still doesn't show correct document -gives xmlerr

Monte Goulding monte at
Sun Aug 29 19:57:25 EDT 2004


Just like any other major feature overhaul there will be a few teething
problems but I think the end result will be worth the pain.

I'm starting to think that search should be moved to a separate dialog where
people can choose what parts of the document they want searched. For
example, doing much more than a syntax and example search may be overkill
for most cases. It would be nice to be able to have checkboxes indicating
which sections of the document one wanted to search.

This might also separate the search function from the filter function which
seems to cause some confusion. I doubt a change like that could or should
make 2.5 though. Perhaps 2.5.1 if there is interest/discussion on the idea.



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