Documentation in 2.5 - still doesn't show correct document - gives xmlerr

Dan Shafer revdan at
Sun Aug 29 15:28:28 EDT 2004

Filter with "choose" produces a no-match result in the default, 
out-of-the-box mode. If I click on "Dictionary" then filtering with 
choose does indeed produce just the choose command.

Perhaps what is needed is a way for  me to say, in essence, use the 
Dictionary as my default doc search/filter basis. With the old docs, we 
could set the page to appear when the doc window opened. It didn't 
*work*, but the idea was right! ;-)

On Aug 29, 2004, at 1:20 AM, Geoff Canyon wrote:

> Try using Filter With instead of Search For
> regards,
> Geoff Canyon
> gcanyon at
> On Aug 27, 2004, at 4:29 PM, Dan Shafer wrote:
>> Well, I get the doc to appear when I click on it, but things are 
>> worse in the new RC1. Now when I do a Search for "choose", I get a 
>> huge list of dictionary entries, each of which apparently includes 
>> the word "choose" in its text, but the list is not in any discernible 
>> order. Makes it completely useless.
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