strange "save" behavior

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Aug 29 11:15:31 EDT 2004

Bon jour Yves,

>> If "A" and "B" are substacks of your "main stack splash screen" then 
>> this is the explanation!
>> Then "A" and "B" are part of the standalone and cannot be saved...
>> Or do you mean something different?
> I'm a "stupid" boy... I forgot to make the substacks A and B 
> individual stackfiles in the application settings !!!!

Please don't start to flagellate yourself :-D

> Thank you Klaus, once again you save me better than I save my own 
> substacks !!

A votre service, monsieur!

> Greetings.
> Yves COPPE
> yvescoppe at

Au revoir, mon ami...

Klaus Major
klaus at

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