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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Aug 28 13:21:08 EDT 2004

I'm getting some weird and frustrating results when printing on Windows 
XP. I have a report that collects data and places it into two fields on 
a card in a printing stack. The two fields are next to each other, both 
are the length of the printing stack, and they simulate a 2-column 
printout. On screen it looks fine. The printing stack has its 
formatForPrinting set to true.

My script fills both fields, prints the card, prints a break, then 
repeats until the data is gone.

Depending partly on the font I use and partly on something I can't 
imagine, printouts are scrambled. Sometimes only one word prints per 
line, which makes Windows think a 7 page printout is about 1200 pages. 
Other times only hex gibberish is printed. Other times, the bottom third 
of the page is left empty and then a blank page prints instead after 
every printed one (i.e., two-thirds of page 1 prints, the a blank sheet, 
then two-thirds of page 2 prints, then a blank sheet, etc.)

We have tried different printer drivers with various results, but none 
of them are entirely correct.

This is making me crazy. Does anyone have suggestions? I know I could 
probably format the pages in html and print from a web browser but we 
don't want to.

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