Any Revolution folks in Northern Virginia?

RGould8 at RGould8 at
Fri Aug 27 23:05:03 EDT 2004

Any Revolution developers in Northern Virginia?   I'm finding that I'm just 
getting swamped with work and I think I'd like to start outsourcing some 
Revolution development to others in the area.   Since this work involves 
telecommuncations devices in a lab environment, it really requires someone local to the 
Reston, Herdon or neaby.   It's work that is on-going, but not something that 
is full-time.   Perhaps 4-7 hours a week.   It involves a lot of HTTP-header 
and TCP/IP work, so if you're interested, you'll definitely want to have 
experience with Etherpeek and network-sniffing software.   Some of the 
telecommunications hardware, I can give you to have in your home.   Other things require 
time in the lab environment.

So, I can probably write more about this, once I find out if anyone is 
interested.   Please email me off the list if you are.

- Rob Gould

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