Keith Hutchison keith.hutchison at
Fri Aug 27 18:27:23 EDT 2004

Hi Björnke

Here is the code I have based on your example.
I have breakpoints on each event, however only the first event, mouseup
stops in the debugger.
on mouseUp

    open socket "" with message "socketOpen"

end mouseUp

on socketOpen theIP

    write "Hello" to socket theIP with message "messageWritten"

end socketOpen

on messageWritten theIP

    close socket theIP

end messageWritten

I know the port is open since I can send a command from a linux command line


ns2: # PortCommandLiner.mwrb -a -p 4563 -c Hello -v

Any further ideas?

Keith Hutchison

postgresql - mysql - dbf
Foxpro - Delphi - MS Access - REALbasic

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