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Fri Aug 27 18:16:11 EDT 2004

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> on Thu, 26 Aug 2004
> Mark Greenberg wrote:

> > The New York Times featured me and this
> > teaching approach in the 
> > Circuit section last Thursday (front page). 
> > That's  me in the picture.
> This is the direction for this article. 
> make an account with the NYT.

> The article mentioned that you had created
> dozens of games: a role-playing card game
> called 
> Magic: The Gathering that requires students to
> "dress"
> historical figures with qualities that best fit
> their
> names, a multimedia quiz on comma placement or
> the 
> multiplication of polynomials, fill in blank
> speech 
> balloons from Calvin and Hobbes comic strips
> and
> Jeopardy-like games to train students for the
> Academic Decathlon, a student contest.

sounds like an active sense of play inplay.

Andre Garzia (with a Z) wrote:
"code and comedy are very similar,
how many times you looked at a source 
and laughed..."

this speaks to Richard Gaskin's thoughts 
on using RunRev in brand new ways.

maybe humor is a crucial though intangiable
element in educational apps for kids.

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