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Fri Aug 27 18:01:11 EDT 2004

Hi Troy

> No. There is a lot wrong with it, to be blunt.  ;-)

Excellent!! ( Had to start somewhere :-) )

> The first line would probably look like -
> open socket to "" with message "MYOBContacts"
> But - "MYOBContacts" would be a handler in your scripts which the
> socket connection is going to make a callback to. It is the definition
> of a callback you are making there, not the message sent to the socket.
Is defining the call back like defining the name space for the socket?

In realbasic I would do something like this where kjtlTCPCommander is a
socket subclass
which handles all the read and write functions.

  TCPCommander = new kjtlTCPCommander
  TCPCommander.Address = Address
  TCPCommander.Port = Port
  if TCPCommander.Run( Command, Message ) then
    AdviseResult( 0, Verbose, Message )
    AdviseResult( 1, Verbose, Message )
  end if

> That happens with a "write" command.
How do you access the socket object?

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