RevZilla - What Should Be Done Next?

Graham Samuel graham.samuel at
Fri Aug 27 07:36:03 EDT 2004

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 21:03:56 -0500, Ken Ray <kray at> wrote:

>On 8/26/04 8:21 PM, "Bill" <bill at> wrote:
> > Please fix it so that the update function which loads the pop-up buttons
> > always works. I can't use Revzilla anymore to post a bug because it 
> will say
> > "Retreving data from Bugzilla" but never load it into the pop-up buttons.
> >  Version 1.1.2
>This is probably because you haven't logged into *Bugzilla* in a while.
>Unfortunately, the cookies expire and I don't know how to log into Bugzilla
>from RevZilla, so if you don't have working popup menus, go to Options and
>click "Login to Bugzilla" and log in using your web browser. The next time
>you run RevZilla (assuming it hasn't been weeks), the popups should refresh.

Ken, I just tried this and it didn't work for me straight away: I mean I 
logged on to Bugzilla, searched for something to check it was all working, 
quit MSIE, quit Revolution, reloaded Revolution, reloaded the Revzilla 
plugin; and there were still no items in the 'Post a Bug' tab's pop-up 
buttons. It was only after I checked that Revzilla  'knows' me by searching 
for my own bugs that the 'Post a Bug' tab came back. Just so you know. 
Windows XP Home Edition BTW.

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 20:42:02 -0700, Mark Talluto 
<userev at> wrote:

>1.  It would be cool if we could add comments to an existing bug.
>2.  Would also be useful if we could resize the main window.  Sometimes
>I find myself using the horizontal slider way too much.

I strongly agree with these. I find the way of adding comments in Bugzilla 
itself strangely hard to do, and anyway I'd **far** rather use Revzilla!


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