Altuit releases MagicCarpet (finally!)

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Aug 27 03:46:32 EDT 2004


A number of users have already asked me how to use MagicCarpet locally 
on their own computer. I've setup a video demo using an existing FTP 
server on XP (Don't know how to setup the FTP on MacOSX yet, but am 

It would be really cool if MagicCarpet could utilize the FTP part of 
libNetServices. Check out the video "Install a local FTP server on your 
WinXP PC" at (no audio) to see how to configure your FTP server:

Also, for those of you still reading, I've installed an 'auto-open' 
stack for users of the MagicCarpet plugin. Just be sure and use 
altPluginToolbar and open the PREFS and 'checkForUpdates.'

The standalone app will auto-update itself. Now, I need to go back to 
putting the final touches on the Mac altBrowser (which I would like to 
solicit a couple beta testers!). It's pretty much done, I just need to 
build a great demo stack and website for it!



Andre Garzia wrote:

> I am using it since RMS... it rocks!!!! Now, when I look at CVS, it 
> makes me sad.... :D
> Thanks for the app!
> andre

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