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Barry Levine themacguy at
Fri Aug 27 00:44:34 EDT 2004

Why re-invent the wheel? This sounds just like the RB multi-column edit
field although you don't have an option for entering functions (and seeing
values). In RB you also have checkboxes that may be used for a column in
this object.

The RB implementation of this object is exactly what we need in Rev (IMHO).
However, to carry this thought experiment a bit further, perhaps a "hidden"
column could contain the formulae which would display its result in the
column to its right? Just a thought.


On 8/26/04 10:20 PM, Mark allegedly flung into the void:

> It's a reference to a possible library of duplicatable functions that
> would doc individual fields into columns and rows and size them
> properly based on border sizes for each row or column. It should also
> set line hight and font types and sizes. It should probably be done as
> an array or set of arrays and stored using a pull-parser in MTML. :-)
> There should also be global attributes for column formatting. All this
> should be like a spreadsheet layout processor. It should even handle
> the naming conventions for each field with names like r1c1, r2c1, r1c2,
> etc... It should even handle math attributes for running calculations
> from one field, ranges of fields into another field or fields. In other
> words it should be a stack that acts like a storable spreadsheet.
> Having object control over individual field objects could lead to
> extremely powerful acting spreadsheets.
> Now there's a bit of work for the person that has nothing better to do.
> Mark

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