need advise on grid like control...

Hershel Fisch hershrev at
Thu Aug 26 15:06:03 EDT 2004

What is the docking handler ?
On Tuesday, August 24, 2004, at 07:29 PM, Mark Brownell wrote:

> On Tuesday, August 24, 2004, at 04:25 PM, Mark Talluto wrote:
>> Nothing too magical under the hood.  It is a bunch of fields aligned 
>> next to each other.  I will see what it takes to rip it out of my 
>> program and post it.  I expect to be back into that program next >> week.
> Don't hurry on my account. I don't need it. I would just work on the 
> docking handler if I had nothing better to do. (I wish)
> Mark
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