anyone here would use simple httpd or ftpd code?

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Aug 26 10:23:23 EDT 2004

Well, we talked about this in the chat...
Basica ftp upload would be very helpful if one of the chatters is 
behind a firewall/non-configurable router, but I'll take what I can 
get, so having a ftp server to download stuff directly from someone 
would be nice already!

On Aug 26 2004, at 06:07, Andre Garzia wrote:

> hi folks,
> I am building this huge lib for handling netservices like http and 
> ftp. Although I am not near my milestone 1, it's pretty usable so I 
> was wondering if anyone here is really waiting for this and would like 
> a libNetServices Lite version. What it can currently do is:
> * Serve Pages, both dynamic stacks and static pages.
> * Serve files by ftp both passive and active ftp.
> * XML-RPC Server Side.
> missing parts are: FTP Resume and Upload, Cookie Handling (actually 
> you can read them, not set them right now).
> hugz
> andre
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