doupsy at wanadoo.fr doupsy at wanadoo.fr
Wed Aug 25 16:54:40 EDT 2004


With Hypercard, it was very very simple to dial a phone number ( dial 
"05 02 00 00 00 for ex" with modem ).
Only you click  with one hand on a button to dial and with other hand 
you take your téléphone to your ear.

Why it is impossible to dial with Revolution ?
(I am under OS X)

I try :

close driver "/dev/cu.modem"
open driver "/dev/cu.modem"
write "ATDT"&PhoneNumber&CR to  driver "/dev/cu.modem"
read from driver "/dev/cu.modem" until eof
(write "ATH"&cr to driver "/dev/cu.modem"
read from driver "/dev/cu.modem" until eof)

With Revolution you must think when you must click on the button to 
dial, when you must lift the receiver, when you must hang up, etc....
And most often, the application crash.

Could you help me, or not ?

I am not an informatician.



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