Rev as memory-resident database

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That's not really a good benchmark, unless you report the time in ms.
Accessing a record by key value in any good database should always be < 1
second.  Using SQL Server running on my 733mhz PIII desktop with 256 MB ram
(not a server - they call it their Desktop Database), I can retrieve one
record from a 22 MB, 97K-record table by key value (index) in 10 ms.

Now, if you are _not_ talking about indexes when you say key value, then
that would be more impressive (versus a disk-based db).  But it still needs
to be quantified more precisely.

Jay Madren

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>Has anyone actually tested rev performance on a high memory machine?

Hi Alex,

Not on a particularly high memory machine: 768 MB G4 iMac supporting
a 45 MB, 43K-record SDB database stack.  Retrieval time for one
record by key value via binary search is < 1 second.

Rob Cozens
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