Rev as memory-resident database

Alex Shaw alex at
Wed Aug 25 08:01:04 EDT 2004


I stumbled upon an old /. article just recently..

.. "An OODBMS is thus a full scale object oriented development environment 
as well as a database management system."

That of course made me think of rev but I've also been thinking about more 
about using rev as my standard database system.. on 32-bit machines that's 
4G (realistically probably 2-3G) of memory space.  For the sort of systems 
i'm building that's quite a bit, and of course old info can be archived etc

With memory so cheap these days the idea of a rev combo server/database 
seems quite feasible..

Memory-resident should mean quick access .. i mean you do away with all the 
complications and extra plumbing needed to plug into external databases.

Has anyone actually tested rev performance on a high memory machine?

Having dreams at the moment of decking out a 64-bit linux machine with some 
G-sticks :)


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