Right click menu on Windows

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Tue Aug 24 21:34:01 EDT 2004

>> Is it possible to simulate a key combination click?
>> I'm trying to simulate a (Control & C) and (Control & V) from a 
>> menuPick for "copy" & "paste." I have a popup menu that allows me to 
>> use a field with textLock true on mouseDown and the textLock false on 
>> mouseUp. This enables the mouseDown to pass the mouse message to the 
>> popup.
>> If I can use the already perfectly working key combinations I won't 
>> have to write custom handlers for these two menuPick selections.
>> Mark
> I've given up on this. I have a perfectly fine Text editor for my 
> import window that works fine with Control-C, Control-V, Control-X, 
> Control-Z, and Delete. So trying to call these native handlers from a 
> right-click menu has caused all kinds of problems with firing off the 
> mouseDown messages. So I'll just add (answer "Use Control-C") messages 
> for menuPick items in the right-click menu.
Why do you want to simulate a key combination? Wouldn't it be easier 
just to have your popup menu use the "copy", "paste", "cut" & "undo" 
commands directly?


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